FIRST LAST publishes artist books and editions. Co-run by Sean Murray and Nick Massarelli, since 2018. Based between NYC & LA.

    The Booklet Series
Features the work of one artist per issue. Each booklet contains 12 images, laid out over 12 pages, with one image per page. The booklets are released monthly-ish in editions of 50-ish.

    The Poster Book
Consists of 10 newsprint posters, folded into an unbound publication. Each issue showcases the work of four artists. Each spread features a diptych consisting of two works, created by different artists.

All issues of FIRST LAST are available for viewing (by appointment) in the Haas Arts Library at Yale University. Reservations can be made using this link.
  Featured Artists –
Sheldon Omar Abba
Saleem Ahmed
Mickey Aloisio
Stephanie Bursese
Mariel Capanna
Melissa “Misa” Chhan
Sofía Clausse
Benjamin Critton
Ed Davis
Claire Duport
Abdi Farah
Seth Fountain
Jason Fulford
Taylor Galloway
Miguel Gaydosh
Eric Elms
Nate Harris
Claire Huss
Rush Jackson
Sam Jayne
Daniel Kent
Jason Kernevich
Dawn Kim
Na Kim
Julian Klincewicz
Caroline Kunka
Quil Lemons
Xi Li
Larissa Lockshin
Leif Low-Beer
Theo Martins
Nick Massarelli
Garrett Morin
Sean Murray
Armina Mussa
Kyle Myles
Tracy Nguyen
James Paris
Nathalie Du Pasquier
Alexa Quinn
Akasha Rabut
Devin Reynolds
John Riggi
Dylan Safranek
Ben Sanders
Andrea Santos
Jen Shear
Rahul S. Shinde
Ryan Skrabalak
Clint Soren
B. Thom Stevenson
Caroline Tompkins
Nikki Volpicelli
Carla Weeks
Adam Whyte
Keith Yahrling